Following the high-speed development of times, the industry of garments is changing rapidly. Swimming with the tide, to extend the variety of our products, and to adjust to individual requirements of high-end customers, CGCL cooperated with Italian top designers and launched“SORGERE”as a High-end custom design brand.

 “SORGERE”, designed by the designer who used to work for the most luxurious brand, has integrated the Chinese Tradition and international modern fashion,. All the materials and fabrics are selected from famous Italian brand and all garments are made by hand by skilled tailors.

“SORGERE” has been highly appreciated by the cream of business and politics. From Bloomberg’s point of view,  "SORGERE" is to attract consumers who used to be loyal to international luxury brands. The former Chairman of ITMF Harriet Naryn has special interest in "SORGERE" and once requested to be tailored by our designer.